Anti-Stress Skincare Products

We all have stress in our lives in one way or another, which we cannot avoid. Whether its school or work that’s bogging you down or the simple stress of the everyday grind, it’s been proven that stress can cause aging and breakouts to the healthiest of skin. Personally, the past year has been pretty hectic (in a good way) […]

My Day At Murad Spa: Facial + More

If you’re in the LA area and in need of a good facial, I definitely recommend getting it done at the Murad Headquarters in El Segundo. The Murad Inclusive Health Spa is a full on spa that offers many other services such as mani/pedis, massages, as well as facials. Recently, I felt like my skin was breaking out and clogged with blackheads […]

Skincare Video Coming Soon!

I’ve recently been doing some research on skincare products to learn about ways to improve my overall skin appearance, which is why I’m excited about next week’s skincare routine video.  Yesterday, I went in for a facial at the Murad Spa in El Segundo and my esthetician was so informative about skincare products and had a wealth of knowledge on […]

My Current Favorite Face Primer

It is so hard to find a good face primer, especially when you have dry sensitive skin. I have tried MAC, Smashbox, Makeup Forever and many more, but was never completely satisfied.  I used the Smashbox shine control in my pro kit till I found a good brand to replace it.  In short, I’ve never been a fan of face […]